Eating while Mexican: *takes 1 napkin for regular use +5 extra napkins for runny nose cuando la enchilada esta de la chingada*

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Daehyun Kim
homie can’t even ACCEPT A GRAMMY without her eyein him from behind HAH HAH i’d feel bad but she’s just so ignorant a person i still love myself

lena dunham that kinda white girl who will never take her arm off her man u can tell from all their photos together LOL i wanna show up at their apartment to shake my ass just slap my own ass in front of him

my mood has shifted from mopey to evil HAH HAH #pms




This just touched my soul 👌

Damn. Palabras que pegan

"Thank you young people for shouting what your parents and I silence out of fear"

everyday para mis padres

Maison Martin Margiela S/S 2011